Federal-Mogul Göteborg designs and manufactures for a wide range of 2-stroke engines, from the most common engines used in the marine industry to major power plants. We can supply piston rings for all 2-stroke engines being produced today.

When deciding on Daros piston rings, you are choosing a ring backed by over a century of design and manufacturing expertise. Our rings are guaranteed to meet the standards of today’s high-performance engines

There is a range of standard rings available for various different operating conditions. The ring’s unique properties come from choosing a combination of materials - coatings, geometry and gap.

The features for a ring pack typically address different operating conditions such as:


  • Standard ring pack provides a normal time between overhaul (TBO)

  • Heavy-duty ring pack ensures long time between overhaul and high scuffing resistance.

  • Quick running-in ring pack provides a fast sealing, reducing time to full load.

  • Ring groove wear resistant ring pack ensures prolonged lifetime for the piston crown grooves.


In more severe conditions in the combustion chamber, the need for various combinations will increase and Federal-Mogul Göteborg can provide a unique solution to address the required performance.



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