Daros can supply rings to all MAN B&W engines in operation in the following versions:

Quick running-in
26-50 MC/ME/MEB X X
60-80 MC/ME X X X
90-98 MC/ME/MCC X X X
Older engines X

Basic version: Basic ring set-up consisting of rings made from Daros’ unique base material, providing reliable operation in combination with the standard liners.

Quick running-in version: Running surface has a coating for improved running-in, ensuring a fast sealing that will enable a minimum running-in time at shop trial and after overhaul (current standard).

Heavy-duty version: The running surface is coated with a hard coating, resulting in longer time between overhaul (TBO) and increased scuffing resistance.

Optional: To prevent ring groove wear, Daros can also offer hard chromium coating on the underside of the rings in order to extend the lifetime of the piston’s ring grooves.

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