Service & Operation

Our highly skilled staff, with years of experience within ring production as well as from "ships in operation", are here to assist you with the analysis of overhaul records and wear history. We are frequently aboard ships, gathering information and input for our development work and this knowledge gives us a major advantage when answering your questions. 

The technology behind the piston ring is complex. There are a number of essentials that ensures a products performance for a long period of time. The demands on the ring’s material and geometry are very high. A piston ring with the Daros stamp guarantees high quality material and the necessary mechanical properties for safe operation.



In our state-of-the-art laboratory we are able to assist customers with the analysis of used rings, liners or other worn components in order to verify the type of wear and material. 

The various materials we produce at Federal-Mogul Göteborg are continuously being analysed and compared to the specifications set by engine makers. 

Mechanical properties like bending strength and hardness are of great importance when comparing different cast irons.

At Federal-Mogul Göteborg we also have the facilities for the following analyses:

- Chemical composition

- Surface roughness

- Tribological properties

- Microstructure


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