Base materials

The metallurgy of a piston ring has an important effect on its performance and lifetime. The wear rate, scuffing resistance, conformability, thermal conductivity and mechanical properties are very important characteristics in which the base material plays a major role. Daros’ cast iron materials are the result of many years of development, testing and process fine-tuning.

In Daros’ own foundry, which was specially designed and optimized for piston ring production, we only use equipment and raw materials from top-class suppliers.

All materials are cast with extensive process control, producing world-class repeatability.

Our base materials are famous among our customers for their excellent performance and reliability.

Today, flake (FGI) and vermicular (CGI) graphite cast iron dominate the market for marine 2-stroke diesel engines.

At Daros, each cast iron material is developed to suit its purpose. When tailoring cast iron materials to be piston ring base materials, two parameters are of great importance: the morphology of the graphite and the constituents of the matrix.

For example, the Daros RM4 and RM5 flake graphite iron (FGI) have been developed to achieve optimum performance in combination with GG25 and Tarkalloy liners respectively.

For modern high performance applications, Daros has developed the Darcast compacted graphite iron (CGI), which offers high strength combined with minimum wear.

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